"To move the work is to destroy the work." ~ Richard Serra

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This piece of art is called The Ego and the Id, by Franz West, located in Central Park. This type of situational art begs for the audience to interact with it. West set up these looping forms in order for people to be able to sit on it, play, and engage with. People can be seen sitting on the seats, reading, or playing games. Located in a park, it gives people a chance to relax. This can also be considered situational art because if placed lets say in a more densely populated area such as Wall Street, there would be less interaction and the art would lose its meaning. This type of art caters to a certain audience, people willing to take a break and take the time to appreciate the art. Its colors make it stand out and seem welcoming. It asks for people to show interest and to interact. West hoped that people would engage in the art and even himself said the art is not complete without the help of the audience. This art not only heightens the idea of what is art but also has exterior consequences. It allows for community to grow, relationships to be created among those who choose to interact. The situation forces people to relate to one another and realize the others presence. It opens the eyes of the audience to their surroundings. It makes people come forth instead of being enclosed. It has an affect that many do not expect art to bring forth. The situation lets people to not only acknowledge something about art but also about themselves and others.

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