"To move the work is to destroy the work." ~ Richard Serra

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Burj al-Arab hotel

Not only can art be a piece in a musuem or a statue, but it can also be a hotel. This hotel is the Burj al-Arab hotel being built in Dubai. It is supposed to represent the sail of ship. Not only is its scale amazing but the entire structure is impressive. This structure can be considered appropriate in its current location due to Dubai's popularity for its sandy beaches and extravagent hotels. This type of hotel among many other in Dubai, represent the country's move towards capitalism and industrialization. Dubai has set its money making track on tourism. This hotel seems to be normal placed in this type of atmosphere due to its surrounding companions. This hotel creates the situation where now people are willing to spend an outrageous sum of money in order to be able to stay in this hotel. It not only helps the country prosper but enables visitors to experience something they probably could not experience elsewhere. This hotel increases the popularity and recognition of Dubai as a growing vendor. Not only does this hotel create numerous advantages for many but it also has its consequences. Dubai is needing extra time to pay off the loans they took in order to build this hotel. This type of art poses the question of to what extent should art be created. If a country could possibly financially suffer due to the creation of something that is correlated with a predicted positive outcome, is it worth the risk? This can also relate to less expensive art. How much is the reaction of a population worth? Should public art that costs a lot of money be created? What if that art then no longer gets any reaction? Is the risk necessary? Personally I think that situational and site-specific art is essential because it makes people contemplate the everday and recognize factors in their lives they previously may not. But what if this art is a hotel? Is the expense worth it? Dubai thinks so as of now. This hotel clearly shows that sometimes the situations that art creates is not always a hundred positive.

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