"To move the work is to destroy the work." ~ Richard Serra

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sculptures by Carole Eisner

From September 8, 2009 to April 23, 2010, one can experience the nine sculptures by Carole Eisner. Each scultpure resides along malls from 64th to 166th street. What is most interesting is that each one of these sculptures produces a phone number a person may call in order to learn more about the sculpture. This type of art is situational because of the way people react to it. Each one causes viewers either to think, be offended, or to love it. According to Eisner each one of her pieces is meant to draw someone's attention and make them feel some sort of emotion. This type of art forces the viewer to interact with it. It breaks the boundary between the art and the viewer since it allows the viewer to engage my calling the number and asking for more information. When visiting one of these sculptures I found it interesting to see how different people reacted to it let alone how many actually took time out of their day to make the call. This type of art begs the viewer to interact and attempts to include the viewer as a part of the art.

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