"To move the work is to destroy the work." ~ Richard Serra

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New York Hot Dog Stand

Although this picture seems to display the everday art, it can highly be considered as site-specific art and situational art. Hot dog stands can be seen to litter almost every street corner in Manhattan. Most people tend to walk by it or use it to their advantage. What makes it site specific/situational art is the reaction from the crowds. If for example the hot dog stand would be moved to Jamaica, Queens, which is not a good neighborhood, the meaning of it would change. People would probably wonder what the hot dog stand is doing there and would interact with it differently. There would be more recognition of its position along with different responses. If the hot dog stand, something that symbolizes New York City, would be moved to Winston-Salem NC, people might even consider it a treat to go get a hot dog. In New York, people stop for hot dogs if it is convienant or along the way. If moved to NC, people might be more willing or even go out of their way to get a hot dog. These types of different reactions show how site affects the art or the purpose of something. It gives it a different meaning and reaction. It changes the purpose of the item.

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