"To move the work is to destroy the work." ~ Richard Serra

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Metropolitan Musuem of Art

I took this picture while strolling around the met. This picture encapsulated the essence of the observer with her surrounding art. She seems out of her place, somewhere where she does not belong in a setting with old Victorian furniture. This picture also captures the photographers role. In the center mirror, my reflection came up in the picture. Initially this was not the purpose and just happened per chance. It made me think about how not only does the subject of the picture matter but the relationship between the subject and the photographer. This type of situational art calls into question how much does the photographer matter. Does this mean the photographer is part of the art? Does it add anything to the piece? If anything I would say it conjures more of a presence of distance and connectivity. It makes the subject and the photographer come in as one. This type of unplanned situational art makes the viewer of the picture realize that the subject is not the only thing to be evaluated but the entire piece as a whole. The subject had no idea the picture was being taken and it seems that she is absorbed within the art. Her reaction is what makes this photo situational. It calls on the fact that for art to be evaluated it must get some reaction or recognition from a viewer. It is essential that she feels part of the element in order to fully feel it's effect.

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